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Flamingo Wax Melts

Flamingo Wax Melts

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Flamingo wax melts with glitter are a unique and luxurious home fragrance accessory. The soy wax is scented with a sweet magnolia aroma, which is an all-time favorite. Each melt is designed in the shape of a Flamingo bird and is coated in a sparkling layer of glitter, making it appealing to both the eye and the nose. These wax melts are made using high-quality ingredients and can be used in any wax warmer. They emit a wonderful aroma that fills the air and creates a relaxing atmosphere. These wax melts are perfect for those who love to add a touch of sparkle and shine to their home decor while also enjoying the fragrant ambiance they create.


Each set has 12 flamingos about 1inch each.


Pink: Magnolia Blossom

Blush: Eucalyptus and Pepermint


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